Courses, open days and visits

La Ferme de Sourrou is our home, headquarters of our registered farm and of the Association Permaculture en Périgord.

We are a working farm, our home and farm buildings are constantly evolving and because of the risks involved, we prefer to do most of the building and heavy work ourselves.

We organise our public events around our yearly time schedules, harvests and the needs of our animals, running open days and events throughout the year and, if they are public and not simply organised by a group of friends or an association, the dates and times of events are published in this site and in our Facebook Page

We’ve chosen to run only a few Permaculture courses here each year, an Initiation to Permaculture in Spring and a Permaculture Design Course in Autumn. Sometimes we run special courses, depending on our free time and events at the farm.

All our courses are conducted in French – but we can use either French or English for visiting groups.

Our next course is : Formation greffe et multiplication végétale du 23 au 24 Mars 2019 à La Ferme de Sourrou


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