How to tell a girl lamb from a boy lamb

When we have visitors, they often ask how we always know, without going up close to our sheep and lambs what sex they are.

Observation is the key, the adults are easy but with new born lambs all you have to do is wait.

Girl lambs pee sitting down !

35 thoughts on “How to tell a girl lamb from a boy lamb

  1. Yep, so true!

  2. Another nugget of information i will store away for the future smallholding plan!Thanks, kathy

  3. Hahaha…
    Easy to know the difference.
    Good shot! =)

  4. These are so cute…. What a blessing!

  5. Sorry to be rude, Irene, but I think all this business of the difference between girl and boy lambs, well it's just bollocks!
    We've just had our first lamb of the year arrive and … it's a boy.

  6. Stuart and Gabrielle,

    I'm shocked – dangly bits is what I call them…

    …and how lucky boys are to be able to pee standing up !

    Good luck for the lambing you two, it's a lovely time of the year but be careful, it's when Fabrice and I argue the most !!

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  8. God bless you and above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything else you do.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  9. Beware the commetn from "carly" that has appeared on several blogs I watch and we got it too (but I didn't post it). Her question wasn't specific and her profile isn't visible, I suspect Internet nastiness afoot! The next comment down is a strange one too, click on his profile.
    We're looking forward to your next post and photos impatiently!

  10. love! you are the Blog of the week on my blog this week:)

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  13. Hi…I have just read every single post here and smiled and cried the whole way through. I do hope you will return here, but I will book mark your site to come back to in the meantime. Your garden and lifestyle is very inspiring!

  14. I found your blog yesterday went through it from begining to end and have fallen in love with france and your beautiful life. I have always dreamed of a life away from it all you have made me see how possible it really is, thank you so much for this. I sure hope you come back to your blog I would love to hear more.

  15. Lotte

    Yes, please continue to Blog! You are a gifted writer with an amazing vision.


  16. Hello. You have been silent for so long. Hope that all is well and you'll be back one day

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  18. Just want to know if there are going to be any post in our future? We would love to know how your christmas was this year. Hope you are well, Merry Christmas <3

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  21. Yes, I agree. It is really easy to see the difference between a male and female lamb.

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  25. It's been quite a while between posts. I hope you and yours are doing well. You're probably working hard, making a living and enjoying what you do 🙂

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    There haven't been any new posts for quite some time. Hope all is OK. Looking forward to hearing about your latest adventures …

  30. I echo the previous post.Have followed your posts for ages.Hope everything's OK.

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    Hi Hardworkinghippy and Fabrice,

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    Hello hardworkinghippy,

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