17 thoughts on “Winter Solstice 2010

  1. Cool!

    Je suis heureux de voir que vous le fêtez également! 🙂

  2. Happy Yuletide from up here in snowy Calvados.

    Rosie x

  3. Anonymous

    Just have a wonderful time may 2011 be a great year for you & Fabrice.

    Demi/Sally xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Joyeaux Noel et bonne annee a tous! Sorry about the lack of accents on my keyboard. Still waiting for summer here in Tasmania, Australia.

  5. Merry Solstice and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. Wishing you as well a Very RED Christmas.

  7. Irene

    Thanks Diane – I need some RED right now !

    Detroit dog, Kate, Sally, Rosie and Jean-Luc Blessings to you all!

  8. May 2011 bring you many blessings and may your little haven be filled with fun, fellowship and family. Looking forward to seeing what develops at La Ferme de Sourrou.

  9. Happy New Year to all at La Ferme de Sourrou.

    Having just failed to set up a flikr account to ask you a question about sock wool, I'll rather randomly post it here.

    Do you sell hard-wearing wool to knit socks with? If yes, for how much and would you ship to Italy?

    I foolishly made my first pair of socks using cheap, non-sock wool and find they constantly need darning. Ho-hum!

    Ciao for now,


  10. Contadina,

    When I make socks I always strengthen the sole, heel and toe with either cotton or nylon. You have to do that because it's the mohair that keeps the heat and the other fibre provides the strength.

    I use an adult mohair which has been spun a bit tighter for socks.

    Send me a mail and an idea of the size of the socks you want to make and I'll give you more details.

    bourrouinfo at aol.com

    Irene x

  11. thanks for all your information and experiences during the year all the best for 2011, kathy

  12. melie-douce

    un petit message depuis le mexique, je ne sais pas comment vous joindre autrement, et je voulais vous prevenir que j'avais propose a un ami de passer qq jours en bas, j'espere que ca vous derange pas! et puis j'aurais voulu le mail de yann si vous l'avez pour voir pour le bois avec lui… voila des gros bisous et une belle annee a vous!!!! melie-douce

  13. salut meli, je ne sais pas comment repondre je cherchais a te joindre justement, oups, bonne année d abord et ensuite voici mon mail: lepetitmerou at gmail dot com. j espere que tu t amuses bien, a bientot

  14. Salut Melie et Bonne Année a toi aussi !

    Aucun problème pour ton ami.

    Irene x

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