What an amazing sky !

Pyke dragged me out this evening. He ran around the house, teasing and showing off and insisted that I go out with him. I was a bit busy but stopped what I was doing because when he does that there’s usually something worth seeing, so I let him lead me to the end of the drive, then he stood there watching the sky. He’s a funny dog. 

He’s a Border Collie from good working stock and we got him to work with the goats and sheep and he does help a bit but gets bored easily then runs off to chase swallows and butterflies. We’ve given up trying to get him to work properly. 

In the village they call him “The poet”.

      Le poète est celui qui voit autrement, qui porte un regard neuf, émerveillé 
     sur ce qui est souvent ignoré par les autres hommes…

In English that means, “The poet is someone who sees things differently, in a new light, amazed at things which are often ignored by other people.”

I’ve never known a dog before who walks around sniffing flowers. The interesting thing is that his likes and dislikes are so similar to mine. Sweet smelling roses, Jasmine and Honeysuckle have a really positive effect on him and when he sniffs a flower he likes, he looks up at me, smiles and wags his tail.

We sat looking at the sky with the clouds moving slowly towards the west and as the sun crept over towards the horizon and the sky darkened we turned and walked towards the east where the wind was pushing and dividing the clouds into puffy balls and as it got stronger the little wind turbines suddenly started chugging into life. 

The wind got stronger and stronger and my little cardi suddenly felt very inadequate so I looked at Pyke and he looked at me then we went inside to the warm. 


9 thoughts on “What an amazing sky !

  1. Oh how lovely, a dog that smells the flowers. We are dithering again about getting a dog and that's an argument that would convince me completely. Bless him.

  2. What a great dog you have there. He really is a poet of actions and attitude. My Alice, an Airedale, picks tomatoes and herbs for herself and then sits on the lawn slowly eating them. It's really delightful.

  3. Anonymous

    Stunning pictures – and a dog that leads you to them!!!!! WOW!!

    Demi/Sally xx

  4. long time no her from. i was so happy to her from you today that i put you on my sidebar so i don't miss your posts anymore! i love your blog and dream of living somewhere like you do!!!

  5. Thanks Jaz ! I wasn't even sure if you'd remember who I was !

    I'm not the best at keeping in touch as Rhonda Jean (The woman with that amazing blog and her finger in so many pies) knows…

    I need to have a break from blogging from time to time because balancing between doing stuff and taking pictures and thinking about articles makes me dizzy – I don't know how you two manage to keep it up so regularly to be honest !

    Hi Rosie and big hugs to Demi and thanks for your comments, it's great to know I'm not just sitting here whittering away to myself. xxx

  6. How wonderful! I seem to remember he wasn't easy when you first had him. Anyone can have a working dog, but to have a poet, that's something very special. 🙂 Sue

  7. Lol Sue !

    Yes, Pyke was a dog who had lived in an apartment and his owners loved him but after almost a year they just couldn't cope. He was completely unmanageable when he came and wouldn't come when he was called, he wouldn't even look at us.

    We've just let him do his thing and he's charming but still doesn't really earn his keep !

  8. farming-frenchstyle

    What a lovely dog. I also have a border collie – Eric. Supposed to work with the sheep, he does his bit. Lovely post.

  9. wow, keeping a border collie in an apartment really is a recipe for mayhem.
    mr. pyke seems to have hit the lottery now though. that he smells flowers and communicates the ones he likes to you and beckons you outside….i do think some dogs are psychic.
    he will probably be happy to work for you once he stops being so happy to have gotten out of the apartment. border collies really are frighteningly intelligent.

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