A bit of motivation to get on with things

There’s nothing better for getting over anger and sadness than getting on with things. Around us there’s the sound of birds, frogs, toads, lambs and chicks – all celebrating their existence.

The endless optimism of the singing birds in the trees lifts our spirits and encourages us to get on with making our space more welcoming and attractive. I find physical work profoundly energising and the exercise helps us get rid of stress and prepares us to live as warriors and not as victims.

March 2006 This rose should cover the whole top half of the slope in about four yearsWhen I need a bit of encouragement to get on and do things, I have a look at some of the old photographs I’ve taken of the garden and wander around taking shots of the same views now. This one is a good example of the back of our house about a year after I planted the rose in the photo. It’s now more than six metres high, winding into the young oak tree which shades the back of the terrace and it’s covered in little yellow flowers around the time of my birthday in April.

People often give me plants for my birthday and I plant them in this spot which has become my “Birthday Garden”. It’s starting to look good and does a great job of keeping our cellar cool in the summer.

The brambles and ferns are still present but I’ve left them for the time being to provide shade and I’ve cleared and mulched a space for a few more birthday shrubs planted this year which should eventually grow to about a metre.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, filling a space with plants takes time. I like the gradual process of using sentimental plants which you can nurture to maturity. They give an enormous amount of pleasure, not just to me but also to the person who gave them to me.

13 thoughts on “A bit of motivation to get on with things

  1. I love the idea of a birthday garden–except my birthday is in February! But I do think plants make such wonderful gifts for all to enjoy each year and reflect.

    Publisher, Amarchist Potager

  2. I am sorry for your anger and loss over your dear sweet pup. But, you are right about getting on….

    You have the most amazing light there.

    Belated Happy Birthday.

  3. The garden is looking beautiful! I'm probably alot like you, getting up and getting out helps alot. The beautiful garden can be a place to enjoy your memories of Judy. Bo Bold.

  4. Anonymous

    Bravo pour toute cette énergie ! continuez à aller de l'avant….

  5. Getting on with something outside always makes me feel better. Hope it works for you too!

  6. Yes, the garden is often my refuge when life is tough. A birthday garden is a lovely idea, had I started one when I was younger it would now be very full indeed!

  7. Anonymous

    I have an anniversary garden, every year my husband buys me a heavily scented rose to grow around our little pergola….it will feel dead romantic by the time we're old!
    Tara, London.

  8. Anonymous

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  9. Physical work is a tonic to so many things, and grief is certainly one of them… glad that you have the outlet after losing such a dear friend as your pup.

    The before and after photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing them. Just last night I found pix of our addition's bare foundation and want to post the contrasts as well — the pix instill both a sense of pride and a sense of amazement at what nature accomplishes!

    one of my gardening clients (who doesn't know the names of most of her plants) call her plants by the names of the people who gave them to her — isn't that sweet? so, there's the Vicky bush and her mother's irises, to name two.

  10. Anonymous

    What a wonderful thought…I too have a memory garden..with an Elliot tree.Marti

  11. Anonymous

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  12. It's indeed a great place to relax and just unwind. It served as additional seats and a great place to just enjoy your garden.

  13. very nice

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