9 thoughts on “April anticipation. The weather has changed; it’s getting warmer…

  1. What an absolutely brilliant garden. Lovely colours.

  2. Isn't it a lovely time of year. Have you put out your outdoor tomatoes etc yet? When's the magic time here??

  3. Thanks Tommo !

    Hi Rosie,

    No ! No summer veg goes out until the risk of round frost is over. We usually wait for another month.

    I don't know about your region – best to ask your neighbours.

    Irene x

  4. We're a little bit south of you just south of the Dordogne. I was expecting to wait until May. End of May is what we had to wait for in Manchester! Don't think I've got the patience for that but I know I have to wait a bit longer 🙂

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  6. Just beautiful:-)

  7. Anonymous

    Incredible pictures ! Sounds to me like a piece of paradise…
    I'm free next week (week 17) and as I'm interested in permaculture I'm looking for people who could give me some advice and experience in exchange of a pair of arms and a serious motivation. I'm personnaly involved in another way of living on the planet, I try to re-start a vegetable, fruits and flowers ecosystem in my own sand garden. I'm also finishing an extension with strawbales, and have participated (and organised too) to training and participating construction sites…
    If you are interested, I'll be very happy
    B 05 56 15 23 17
    PS : I'm autonomous (little van)

  8. Did you create your entire garden from the plot of land I saw in one of the earliest posts? From an overgrown field? If so I take my wellies off to you, it's absolutely lovely and very inspiring!

  9. Oh – thank you J.

    All the gardens and buildings here have been made from scratch and it's been great fun doing it !

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