13 thoughts on “Après la fête il y a encore du vin – After Solstice there’s still some wine

  1. That's another lovely photo! I have an urge to paint my chairs red now………..that'll go down well LOL



  2. i love the room. the red chairs are best!

  3. I see some empties but no fullies.

  4. You have the loveliest home.

    Happy New Year!


  5. this looks so inviting and cozy – a perfect spot to visit with friends and wine…

  6. John & Angie Moore

    We have very fond memories of your lovely living room and the big fireplace!

  7. Awesome light and such a sense of homeliness! Beautiful and a real sense of sanctuary.

  8. What a beautiful picture to warm a winter morning

  9. Thanks for this lovely blog! I got the link from a blogger, who has found my blog. It is such a wonderful place you have. And it seems a lovely and abundant life there too. My blog is in Danish so probably of no interest for you – and we are not nearly as far in our permacultural lifestyle as you are. But we´re snailwise getting along and enjoying each day as it comes.

  10. So warm feelings!If I can live in that room.it'll be very wonderful!

  11. Lovely blog, have been reading all your preservation methods, inspirational!

  12. What a beautiful picture to warm a winter morning. room is awesome!!

  13. Anonymous

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