9 thoughts on “Fabrice fixing the solar panels on the roof

  1. So, excuse my lack of knowledge, but can you install solar panels on top of the tiles? You don't have to embed them in the roof?

  2. How wonderful! Looking forward to finding out how he did it.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice, im planning a solar project myself, and would very much appreciate further info about hows and dont´s.
    Laura from the darkness of sweden.

  4. Happy Holidays!

  5. Yeah !!

    I'm typing this using the new system which has taken ages to be ready because the batteries needed to be fully charged before using them.

    Have a great Yuletide everyone !

  6. Mouse – sorry I didn't answer your question !

    This roof isn't covered in tiles, it's a solid plaque made in the same form as the tiles and as you can't see it (or the solar panels) from anywhere we haven't bothered covering it in tiles.

    For the main house roof, we used the same system but covered it with used tiles to make it look better. In that case we took the tiles off and only tiled around the panels.

    Normally, you'd have to take the tiles off, embed the panels then tile on the top of the panels to keep the roof watertight.

  7. Anonymous

    So does this now allow you to have a washing machine?

  8. Nope, not yet !

    Once we've the big windgenerator installed we'll have a washing machine.

    I can't wait !

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