Bourrou village from the second floor window of the extension

This photo shows the centre of Bourrou village from the first floor of our extension.

The whole village covers about a thousand acres and has about 150 inhabitants. About a dozen people live in the bourg. (The village centre – hence the word “bourgeois” meaning “city dwellers”.)

In the ‘photo, you can also see two of the ponds we created to help drainage and the mini swales we dug to give us more margins and better planting conditions in this monotonous area of thick clay, as we hope to plant trees and shrubs here soon.

6 thoughts on “Bourrou village from the second floor window of the extension

  1. What a beautiful view. We see the pub (lol) and the Blackmore Vale. Gorgeous photo – do you take paying guests? 😉



  2. We don't have a pub – or a school – but we have nuns !

    The roof's not on yet so no but we will one day. 😉

  3. i had no idea you were so close to your village! from all your other pics, it looks like you're in the middle of the wilderness. what a sweet place to live (and gaze upon), though! lucky girl… 🙂

    now i *really* must come visit. hehe

  4. J'adore votre ville. What a fabulous view! One could not ask for anything more on a gorgeous french summers afternoon! This brings back happy memories for me, of riding through France a few years back. And inspires me for next years trip.

  5. What a beautiul view!At least your neighbours are quiet! :0)

  6. Just beautiful!

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