The three little pigs are growing fast

The three little pigs are growing fast

The little pigs we bought a few weeks ago are now enormous and have settled in well to their new home in the big park.

We’ve got sheep, goats, chickens geese and these are without doubt the easiest animal of all of them!

All pigs need is a good sized park split into two or three different areas which can be rotated. When they’ve dug up the ground in one of them, move them on to the next one and that helps to reduce their internal parasites. We only worm ours about twice a year.
They need a simple shelter, checking over from time to time for external parasites, for ear cleaning and to keep them friendly and easy to manage.
They love a wallow and at the moment they eat all the brambles we cut for them, tree clippings, weeds, eggs, snails, slugs, and a few heads of corn. In the summer they’ve loads of vegetable trimmings, courgettes, tomatoes, carrots, cabbages – anything really.

These three are really good fun and are having a great time hunting for worms roots and mice and lounging around in the late spring sunshine.

7 thoughts on “The three little pigs are growing fast

  1. OMG….you now own the 3 little pigs. how cute! watch out for that wolf! joyce

  2. So cute and happy.

    I think I would love to live at La Ferme de Sourrou! 🙂

  3. Angie Moore

    We currently have 2 weaners (now 10 weeks) and have just adopted 2 piglets to be hand reared (12 days old) – 4 hourly bottle feeds! I am not sure where their future lies, maybe they will become somebody else’s breeding pigs or dinners? Have you ever hand reared piglets this young?

  4. Pig envy here………….

    Lovely pics 🙂



  5. Jaz, Detroit Dog & MrsL xxx


    Sorry I missed this earlier – too busy doing URLs and stuff for the latest posting!

    If you click on "pigs" after this post you'll see a little tiny piglet that Peggy our pig had. She lost all the others and this one died at four days so we're certainly no experts on wee pigs. 🙁

    They're a devil to feed because they take so little each time. I hope you get on OK with them. xxx

  6. angie moore

    They are now 2 weeks old and are taking 250 ml every 4 hours between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. they seem to be thriving.Yesterday they took some mash and then tried drinking water, blowing bubbles more like, very funny!

  7. hardworkinghippy

    Great to hear they’re doing well Angie !!


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