Spring garden – West of the house

I’m really pleased with this side of the garden this Spring. After the wallflowers have finished flowering there are some little roses to come and I’ve planted a few Echinacea and Dahlias and some summer annuals. The chickens scratch up the earth so sometimes the annual seeds don’t make it but on the other hand I rarely need to weed.

This time last year this bed was just a mass of Periwinkle which was very pretty in the Spring but looked really worn out in the heat of the summer.

I used the Periwinkle because somebody gave me it when we first started building the house and they said it would cover the ground in “No time”. They were right – it took me ages to dig out all those invasive roots.

Still, it was nice while it lasted but now the new planting is much more rich and colourful all year round and it’s a real pleasure to look out from the kitchen or the terrace and see a more mature setting.

6 thoughts on “Spring garden – West of the house

  1. you are so far ahead of us with everything you have blooming! it looks so beautiful. i’ve put some pictures of my spring yard on my new blog if you want to have a look. octoberfarm.blogspot.com i am so inspired by everything you do! joyce

  2. Lovely!

  3. Gorgeous picture! My garden is undergoing general overhaul, but is starting to mature nicely now, so quite pleased. I must stop buying trees, though LOL

    Looking forward to mroe pictures!



  4. Your pictures are always works of art, especially those of the poultry, I may be inspired to try a small painting of your favourite hen one day!

  5. Oh please do Mouse – I’d be so honoured. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments folks and Joyce, I’ll go off now and have a look at you blog.


  6. The photo’s of your garden are serene and peaceful. I enjoy seeing what your developing there. This is why I’m passing on to you the ‘Zombie Chicken award’. This is a crazy blogging award that recognises that I appreciate what you blog about. See thyme-for-tea.blogspot.com for more details.

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