Pyke our new Border Collie herding for the first time

Shearing has started and Pyke has been helping to bring the goats in three times a day. The last day of shearing he did the job perfectly and we’re so pleased that he’s enjoying himself.

We’ve been walking him a lot with the goats since he arrived but keeping an eye on what’s happening because it would be a shame if the goats attacked him and he was afraid and put off working with them for life.

The repetition over the past few days has obviously paid off. We’ve still not managed to get him to concentrate when we want him to but his behaviour has really improved over the past couple of weeks.

Dog in the manger - Pyke watching us shear the Angora goats

We even invited him in to watch what we were doing on the condition that he sat still and didn’t stress the goats and he behaved impeccably!

3 thoughts on “Pyke our new Border Collie herding for the first time

  1. Well, I never stopped to think that a goat might attack a dog!

    Pyke is so cute. Glad he’s working out so well.

  2. love the border collies!!!!!

  3. I'm glad my border collie Angelo isn't the only dog living a green, off-the-grid life! If you happen to be in southern Colorado sometime, drop on by! Or you can follow our sojourn on his and my blog, Best wishes!

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