Early evening storm brewing in the potager

I’d just transferred plants and repotted and watered everything then I noticed those black clouds looming overhead.

The chickens have gone to bed early, the goats are in the shed, the dogs have gone back up to the house. The atmosphere is just magical and I want to savour it right to the last moment.

There's going to be rain and I've just watered

I hope the rain doesn’t batter the Wisteria too much!

Just before the storm

I hope the rain doesn't batter the Wisteria too much!

6 thoughts on “Early evening storm brewing in the potager

  1. Oh how lovely!
    Did it absolutely heave down?

  2. Anonymous

    looking at the pictures i could almost smell that rain!

  3. Just beautiful. You live a wonderful dream.

  4. What a paradise you live in :0)Thankyou for sharing the beautiful photos.

  5. It’s just a lot of plants a lot of wood and as you say DD a dream!

    All the Wisteria is grown from cuttings from a rooted cutting I brought from the UK. I’ve made five more cuttings this week from Wisteria shoots which rooted as they sprawled along the ground. I planted one of them straight into the ground near the pig park and the others are in pots.

    I bought a less vigorous white Wisteria a couple of years ago which is growing up the side of the terrace. It flowered this year and smells wonderful. 🙂

  6. I just StumbledUpon your blog tonight and I am completely captivated with your every word and picture. I’m in love! You are my outdoor muse.

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