Design on roof tiles

Design on roof tiles, originally uploaded by hardworkinghippy.

Fabrice has almost finished doing the roof on the “L” shaped part of the extension. This diamond shape is a tradition pattern on French roofs and although it’s done in new tiles it looks OK.

I’d have preferred to use old tiles really but all the old flat tiles we’ve looked at are pretty damaged by frost so I suppose it’s better to use these because they’ll last much longer. I’ll make up a mix of goat compost and water and we’ll spray the roof once it’s finished to give the lichen on the north side a bit of a hand to grow on the tiles and give them an older look.

The rest of this part of the roof will be covered in old canal tiles sitting on top of the existing cover.

8 thoughts on “Design on roof tiles

  1. Anonymous

    your home is looking wonderful. i designed my back yard and garage from memories of my travels through europe. i just started a blog and am a true novice. i have a lot to learn and a long way to go but you can look at some of the pictures i have posted at:

    i have a lot of stone in my yard!
    have you decided what to do with the new baby?


  2. You have a beautiful home, and so large.

    I've sometimes wondered, from some of your posts — do you run a Bed & Breakfast or some such service? It seems that sometimes you have guests that are learning and working at the same time.

  3. Looking really nice, I lvoe the diamond pattern.

    I have tile envy 🙂



  4. Your place looks fantastic and the new tiles (while not the original) make it look grand. Well done!

    Do you take WOOFers? My partner and I did some woofing in France in 2002 and loved it.

  5. Nina

    wow the roof tiles are looking awesome. Roofing is now becoming an art and it plays a very important role in home decoration.

  6. What is the material of these roof tiles? i like the design thanks for sharing.

  7. Nina

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