Announcing the arrival of our new Border Collie Mr Pye or Pyke or….

As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of our blog, we’ve been looking for another Border Collie to work with Max. We tried a mating using Max as the sire which didn’t work unfortunately, so we’ve kept looking out for suitable pups, spreading the word that we were still looking.

This dog is from the same bloodlines as Max. He’s big boned and long-haired and of course a Blue Merle Border with one brown and one blue eye – which is taking a bit of getting used to! (Correction, I’ve just discovered he’s a Black Merle! More details later…)

His presence is so like Max’s that we thought it would be worth a try to train him to work with our sheep and goats. He’s almost a year old. His previous owners kept him in an apartment and that just didn’t work out so we decided to take him and give him a job.
We’ve also changed his name to Pyewackett as someone (Who shall remain nameless!) said recently that our animals were all our “familiars”.

Pyewackett can be shortened to something easier to use when he’s working but we’ll wait and see what that turns out to be when we get to know him better.

10 thoughts on “Announcing the arrival of our new Border Collie Mr Pye or Pyke or….

  1. Yay! Welcome Mr. Pye!

    Yes, it is a little disconcerting looking him in the eye. :-/

    So sorry that Max is not a Dad, but glad he had a girlfriend for a while. 🙂

  2. Yes we are too, it was his first and probably last girlfriend and they certainly enjoyed themselves.

    I’ve just taken him out for his morning walk on a lead and boy can he pull! We’ve opened the chickens and geese which was noisy and flappy but he stood watching in amazement then the pigs rushed over to see us and he flipped.

    I had to use all my strength to wrap the lead round a tree to keep him from running off in fright. We quickly moved on to say hello to Duc the horse, then see the goats and he rushed back to the house for breakfast. He’s still panting! A bit of exercise will do him the world of good. 😉

  3. Angie Moore

    Hmmm? Pyewackett, now where does that name come from? is he named after the folk group and did you kn ow that Kate Bush has a cat with the same name?????

  4. I didn’t Angie. Kate bush is a favourite artiste of mine – I love the album “The Sensual World” one of her best ever.

    Pyewackett is a magic animal who helps his (usually female) owner – Google it to find out more fascinating lore.;-)

    I didn’t know there was a group either – I’m off to have a look….

  5. He looks great. At our PMU bar ‘Friquette’, the landlady, has a dalmation with odd eyes, it does take some getting used to!

  6. He’s absolutely beautiful, I look forward to hearing more about him!

  7. He is gorgeous and with similar looks to our blue merle Australian Shepherd.

    Can’t wait to see how he works out!

  8. Welcome Pye.. He’s gorgeous… I’ve always loved good working dogs, with 2 Australian Blue Healer Cattle dogs cross boarder collie, I can only imagine what mischeif your two will get into there.

  9. Anonymous

    Hi ! thanks for your kindness. We had a good time with you this afternoon. take care. Lise

  10. Irene,

    There is a “Honest Scrap” meme of sorts for you to pick up at my blog. Do with it as you see fit (or not).

    Best wishes,


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