Decorating my new bedroom using ochres – work in progress

Details of the ochre painted wall We had a lovely sunny evening yesterday so I took some photos of the progress of my new bedroom with the sun streaming in from the west.
One of our pals gave me a hand to move furniture and paint the ceiling and we made quite a lot of progress in just a few hours.
I finished the ceiling and now I’ve started on the walls and I wanted to do something a bit dramatic/romantic.
The photo above shows the final colour up close. I used a light orange wash then dabbed and rubbed in a bright red ochre, then once it was dry dabbed again and rubbed in a very light golden yellow. The setting sun blasts into the room around the time I’m usually ready to go out (A rare occurrence.) or when I’m changing from really filthy clothes into clean ones – just the right time of the evening to change my mood.
One of neighbours gave us all these ochres and it’s great to be able to use them without having to spend a fortune.

Decorating using ochres and oxides

This is the new sitting area in the bedroom. It’s going to be a nice place to take my computer, make ‘phone calls and just sit around talking to pals and pampering myself after I’ve come out of the bath. (One of my New Year resolutions is to take more care of myself.)

The problem with the sitting room/kitchen in our house is that it’s a very public place and we get loads of visitors who just walk straight into the kitchen – the way the French do!

Walls decorated with three different coloured ochresThis is the evening light streaming in from the little window behind the bed. Grigri, Oscar’s cat is really enjoying the new place he’s found for his afternoon snooze.

I’ve still got a lot of finishing off to do but so far I like the colours as they are and I’ve started to hang up some of my favourite paintings and fiddle around with lighting.

This sort of thing is great fun compared to all the lifting and carrying we do when we’re building and to see a room taking shape is so rewarding. I’ll get this room’s bathroom sorted out too and that way I’ve my own private suite. (Ooh la la!)

Needless to say it was lovely weather today and I spent most of it outside planting shrubs and roses. I hope it rains soon to water my roses in and so that I can get on and finish the room.

5 thoughts on “Decorating my new bedroom using ochres – work in progress

  1. Hi! That’s a beautiful warm color. Really glows.

    Good luck with your resolutions. I gave up making them!

  2. gorgeous pictures. this house looks wonderful. so cozy. i’m loving your blog so far.

  3. I like a man who plants roses…

  4. Looking good – love the colours!


  5. Thanks the orange is lovely is very cheering at this time of the year. I wish spring would hurry up…

    Julie, I do too but I had to plant these myself! 🙂

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