Building our extension – the progress in September

This is looking east to the pond which we dug for the rainwater from the house. When we’ve finished building the exterior of the house and using the space as a workshop area, we’ll extend the pond and use the clay for covering the straw inside the house.

This is what the extension looks like at the moment. It’s very square and chunky and even now I can see that the idea that we had of making something which is big on the inside and looks small from the outside is going to work.

Once this face of the house has it’s own terrace and has been clothed in plants and the existing trees around it are underplanted with shrubs the mass of the building will disappear into the undergrowth.

The next important step of the work is tying the top of the building together ready for covering it before winter then making sure that the roof is constructed in exactly the right shape to fit in with the rest of the building – respecting the style of other old farmhouses in the region.

We’re been trying for months to find a good roofer to help Fabrice do this part – but here in rural France that’s easier said than done of course !

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  1. Wow I love the oppurtunity that we have now a days to pick and choose where we want to go from visually seeing everything on the web! I mean I am quite new to the whole blogging game, but its really fun and interesting! I mean look at what we run into?!?
    Blogs like these that I just have to comment on! 🙂

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  3. Thanks again for your post HP.

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