Digging the holes for the erection of the new 2kw wind generator

Fabrice digging the holes for the new 2kw wind generator

We’ve made a start to getting the new wind turbine up, but it will be a while before it’s generating electricity.

Doing this now while the ground is dry will ensure that the cement in five holes we made – one for the mast and four for the guy ropes – has a chance to dry out before we put up the mast.

Each one of these three sections of the tower is too heavy for one person to lift. When you see them laid out like this it’s a bit scary.

This is us working out where to put the holes for the 8 guy ropes and have a clear passage for the tractor so that we can erect the mast and let it down again for maintenance.

The 9 metre mast will sit on this base and the steel ropes

will keep the mast absolutely straight.The bolt goes through the bottom of the mast which will be pulled upright gently by our tractor and secured in place.

We still have a lot of building work to do including installing our hot water system (which we’ll use as a dump load for excess electricity) before we put the generator up but the cement bases should be dry and completely solid by then.

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  1. Anonymous

    Concrete doesn’t dry… it cures, a chemical reaction. It’s far stronger if it cures in moist conditions.


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