Our terrace – the most used space in our house !

I always seem to be talking about our terrace, but a lot of things go on there!

HERE a link to a slideshow which will give you an idea how it was made and how it expands our living space.

4 thoughts on “Our terrace – the most used space in our house !

  1. How beautiful, the rain and all!

  2. It has been a weeks and weeks since the last time it rained here at Mas des Rigolos. The grass is all brown and the windows are covered in dust from the gravel lane and hearing the music of the rainfall on your terrace makes me thirst for our next thunderstorm.

    I love it…


  3. oh how beautiful! I’ve always wanted a terrace on my ‘dream home’ and now I have even more reasons to desire one : )

  4. Annie, The photo’s very hazy, but the rain that day was really a very beautiful sight which I found very exciting. I love how a downpour clears the air and makes everything feel fresh and alive again.

    Farmer de Ville, I know that feeling so well. Here in South West France the weather seems to tease the gardeners. When we think we’ll never see sun again it shines – then when we think it’ll never rain again we get a downpour.

    Azura Sky, Thanks for visiting!

    That’s exactly what I wanted in my “dream home” too. I imagined eating and having fun on the terrace – sheltered from the rain. The idea of using it as a place for my plants never really came into it as I always assumed that I’d already have the “perfect” greenhouse to keep my plants in. 😉

    My little greenhouse was battered to bits by a storm, so I’ll have to use materials which are much more resistant to build the next one!

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