The woodburner’s lit for winter

Godin Woodburner and home made The house is toasty warm and I love cooking on this. We keep it alight 24 hours a day throughout the winter.
I put a bit of chestnut in it in the morning on the embers from the night before and let it blast a bit to clean the flue, then if we’re around we fill it with chestnut and close it right down until we start cooking lunch when it gets opened again either to use the top fast plate for fast cooking or the oven – the hottest oven I’ve ever had.

Godin woodburner being used to it's maximum !I can make a lovely flaky quiche from start to finish in under half an hour, boil a kettle while I open the chickens and geese and give hay to the goats in the morning. A casserole can be left on the cooler side of the cooker to simmer all day and I dry socks, wellies, pots and pans, and all our clothes around the cooker.

If we’re out all day I use oak wood which stays in well, and just before going to bed, we fill it up with mostly oak to make sure it stays in all night.

2 thoughts on “The woodburner’s lit for winter

  1. Glad to see you are back. I hope this past week hasn’t been unnecessarily difficult. It is Tuesday here, 9:00 p.m. You are up and about already! I do love your home,it seems so comfy.

  2. Last week was OK, although I was very tired and a bit weepy.

    The funeral was a very simple affair and we had friends and family and people from the village – many more than we were expecting to pay their last respects to Guy.

    Although it’s not normal after a French funeral, I invited everyone round for some food and drinks afterwards and we had a chance to talk. That was nice – I do like a good send-off.

    It’s strange to be free of the responsibilty, but I’ve decided to have a few days rest before I start knitting in earnest again for Christmas.

    So I’m lazing about a bit, doing what I want – mostly cooking and catching up with friends on the internet.

    Thanks for your concern.

    Irene x

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