Sanglier (Wild boar) skull. After we take the meat for ourselves, we feed the crayfish in the stream.

Last Sunday (Easter Sunday) we sort of had the day off and spent the whole day just walking on our land.

We took the goats down to new grazing, then we checked up on the sheep’s grazing, had a look at the new vegetable garden, the garden at the cabin, then went to see Fabrice’s aunt and uncle and on the return journey had a scout along the valley.

The wildlife is incredible, the woods are full of birdsong and buds and the butterflies are starting to make their appearance. (I should have take more photographs, I know!)

This boar’s skull was cleaned by the crayfish. There used to be a lot in the stream in Bourrou, but we haven’t seen any for a couple of years. A farmer further along the valley pumps water for his polytunnels and when the water level goes below the level of his pond outlet, the stream gets no water. We’ve been doing our best to clear the small springs we find on our land to keep the water running, but we just have to hope that some of the ponds we’ve dug help preserve the wildlife in the valley.

Sourrou, Bourrou We intend to create more wetlands, dig ditches for springs and clear all the bloomin’ neighbours’ trees which have fallen on our land for the past six or seven years, but it all takes time. It’s an enormous project and we have to content ourselves to do things gradually.

Here’s Max our Border Collie cooling off in the outlet from one of our ponds.

This photo shows about half of our land. (We’ve just over 100 acres at Bourrou.) It was very overgrown when we bought it about 12 years ago, so it was perfect for our Angora goats who’ve done a great job of clearing the brambles and ivy. We originally had about a hundred Angoras, but when they started to nibble the tree barks we knew it was time to reduce the herd! This year we decided not to have kids and although it’s given us a welcome break from the madness of Spring kidding, it’s something I really miss. (Plus the kid Mohair too of course !)

Project Sourrou Bourrou 2007

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